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Locksmith Professionals

Have you been locked out of your own home? Lost your car keys and need to get to work? We’ve all been there and it isn’t ideal. But with the help of a professional locksmith, you can be back inside or on your way in no time. But this isn’t always ideal, and if you are prone to locking yourself out, it might be a good idea to find quality key cutting services and grab a spare!

Ever wondered how a locksmith does what he or she does? Professional locksmiths provide a specialised service; essentially we break into your home and cars while doing no damage. Keep in mind that they’re specifically designed not to be broken into, so this is a delicate task that requires specific skills. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the tactics used by professionals.

Picking Lockslocksmith melbourne

A good locksmith will arrive at a scene with all of the necessary tools for the specific task at hand. Whether they’re opening a car door with the keys locked inside, retrieving a replacement key from a broken lock, replace a lock system or even picking a lock with a broken key in it, every situation requires a specific tool and a specific way of accomplishing the final goal of opening that lock.

Lock picking tools such as the pick gun or the automatic picker are useful for simpler locks, and provide a quick way of unlocking lock without doing any damage to the lock itself. These can be both manual and powered devices that work by using a vibrating pin that bounces the pins in the tumbler of the lock, which gives space along the sheer line so that the plug can be rotated.

While they can be extremely useful in many instances, automatic pick guns aren’t always the best tool for the job, especially when it comes to double sided locks and doors that have skeleton locks. In these instances, the locksmith will return to the tried and trusted method of picking the lock manually by hand, and with the help of the other specialist tools in the box.

Key Cutting Services

If you’re one of those people that continually locks themselves out of the house, it might be time to find key cutting services. Lock picking is an intricate skill, but crafting a key for an older lock is also a very involved process.

When you’re locked out, it’s wise to avoid breaking in yourself; chances are you’ll do more damage than you realise. Damaging a door or lock can cost a great deal in terms of repair costs, and you’re better off simply calling in a professional.



Making Duplicate Keys – Why and How?

Why Make Duplicate Keys?

There are many reasons why you should have your house keys or car keys duplicated. For one reason, if you should lose your original keys, you can have a spare key to open your house or car and help you out of a situation which would have been more hectic, there are several other good reasons. For example if you are in a a shopping mall parking area and you have lost your keys or locked your keys inside your car, even worse, if you are adventurous like me, you for a long drive away from the city and parked somewhere on the highway far from locality and suddenly you lose your keys.

  • Have your keys copied and give them to your close friends or relative:

    you should always have a set of keys with your close friend or relative who you trust. Someone who really cares about you and someone who can bring keys to you in case of an emergency such as if you lock your car keys  or lock yourself out of the house. It happens to the best of us and don’t think you are stupid if you did it. So as a measure of precaution, keep a set of your house key or home keys with someone close like your parents or siblings.

  • Have your car keys copied and keep one in your wallet or under your car:

    It is also a good idea to keep an extra key in your wallet. I have seen many people do this and I started doing this myself. This helps you to get your car door open in case you lock your car door and forget to take your keys out. Sometimes you will take your keys off the ignition but keep it on your seat or something then you will have hard time finding it. I myself keep my car key inside my wallet because of this.

  • Duplicate a set of duplicate keys should be with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend:

    Your significant other whether living with you or not, should also have a set of keys with them. There are good reasons for that as you may already figure out. Your spruce or girlfriend/boyfriend should have the same access facility to your car or house as you do.

  • A set of keys for your House Cleaners:

    If you have a regular house cleaner or someone who does maintenance for you who you rely on and trust,  you could easily keep a set of spare house keys and car keys made and kept at their disposal. This way they have access to your house for cleaning purposes and also for emergencies. But make sure you trust them 100% and can count on them on emergency situations.

Where to Go For a Perfect Key Duplication:

Any locksmith can make duplicate keys for you. If you in Melbourne CBD, there are few locksmiths that provide 24 hours emergency mobile services. One such locksmith is KZ Locksmiths in Armadale. They have been serving the Melbourne area and surrounding suburbs for a long time and they have been well renounced as being one of the most efficient locksmiths in Melbourne.  My personal experience was that at emergencies in the middle of the night, I had locked my car keys inside my car and I had called a dozen locksmiths until Kerry answered my call. Lucky for me I still remember the phone number 0403 110 047. or visit to find out more.

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Looking for a Locksmith in Melbourne? Here are 3 sure ways to find one!

Most individuals have the telephone numbers of their family doctor, financial adviser, electrician, plumber and even their laundry guy; but they do not have the contact details of a locksmith. It only dawns on them when they run into a situation that requires the services of a locksmith that they have no idea how to find one. A locksmith is normally required in a hurry and being able to find one can remove minimize the stress in potentially taxing situations. For example, you will need a lock smith to successfully change locks, set up your safe in a way that you won’t be risking breach of security and you will need a locksmith to put together an entry and exit system in your business premises and home.

24/7 Melbourne Locksmith

Now, some people may want to assume the locksmith role themselves when faced with a situation that calls for a locksmith. Many have tried and many have failed. It often turns out to be a bad idea as you will find yourself running into much more trouble and then wishing that you had employed the services of an expert in the first place. You can even do damage that ends up costing you double what the original fee would have been. If you are looking for Locksmith in Melbourne, here are three ways to quickly find a good one:

Talk to friends and colleagues

When looking for anything, the first place you turn to is to your friends, colleagues and relatives. With a locksmith it shouldn’t be any different. There should be one of them who have been in a scenario that required the services of a locksmith so they would be able to direct you to where to get the one they used. You will not have any reason to be worried about the efficacy of the recommended service as the locksmith must have done a good job to land the recommendation. You can talk to two or three of your relatives and from the responses, pick one that appeals to you most. Things that should influence your decision are: proximity to your home/office cost of service etc.

Ask members of your business clubs

This will be a good place to ask if you need the locksmith specifically for your business; or if you need to carry out large scale projects. At your business club there will be one who has employed the services of a locksmith and he or she should be able to give you the contact of the locksmith, as well as opinion on the abilities of the locksmith in question. At the end of your discussions pick a few and contact them to see which one is going to work best for you.

Get online

When searching for anything, one should just about always employ an online search. When you are looking for a Locksmith in Melbourne one should get online. There are so many locksmiths online. A quick search on Google, or any other search engine, will throw up a fair few of them for you to select from. Get to the website, look around and if you are convinced contact them. You can also read reviews and testimonials so as to get a feel of what others think about the service. This is in fact the easiest way you can get a good locksmith without having to ask around too much!


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