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How Not to Secure Your Vehicle

Most people have a fairly decent idea of how a lock works. Whether you’re securing your bike on the side of the road or locking your front door, it’s generally pretty obvious what you need to do to keep intruder off or out of your property. Well you’d be surprised what we’ve seen over the years – people frequently manage to lock themselves inside/outside their houses, sheds and cars and it’s up to us to come to the rescue. While it seems like something that could be easily avoided, having a lock related mishap is something that just happens from time to time, and you can usually laugh it off later but at the time it can be extremely frustrating.

In celebration of some of the blunders we all make as one point or another, we thought we’d share some of the more interesting locking efforts we could find. Enjoy!

Not sure what the owner of this bike was thinking; for all his hard work tying it up to this pole, any potential thief can simply slip it over the top. Plus, his ‘lock’ looks like it could quite easily be cut through anyway!

he irony of this image is what has got it onto our list. A locksmith that uses a metal bar to secure his van wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence in any would-be customers.

We’re not sure what is more humourous about this image; that someone thought tying a rope around a tree and connecting it to his car would protect it, or that the owner thought anyone would want to make off with it in the first place.

This one quite honestly leaves us speechless. In the images above, there was some attempt at actually attaching or fastening if you will the car or bike to something. However, this bloke hasn’t even managed that; he’s simply put a lock on a pole and leaned his bike against it. Brilliant.

So there you have it; some locking mishaps that brought a smile to our faces and hopefully yours too! For all your locksmith needs, contact our office in Armadale today.

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