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Our Favourite Safe Cracking Films

Nothing beats the tension and drama of an entertaining bank heist movie – they’re thrilling, they’re intense and they involve locks, which we’re crazy about how at Armadale Locksmiths. These master thieves shown in the movies seem to be able to pick any lock and crack any safe with ease. Everyone knows that in the real world safes are not that easy to crack, so with a little entertaining artistic license, let’s run down some of the most memorable heist and tension-filled safe cracking films.

The Italian Job

the italian job

One of the all-time classic heist movies has to be the original The Italian Job. This Michael Caine classic has some of the most memorable moments in all of cinema, from the river boat chase amongst the Venetian gondoliers, to the memorable race across the city in the three iconic Minis. The fact that Caine’s character has to break into prison to ask the permission of the London gangster boss – played by Noel Coward – is an effort in itself, but retrieving the gold bullion from the vans on the streets of Italy during a World Cup is enough plot intrigue to keep your attention throughout the entire movie.

The 2003 remake of The Italian Job changes the plot slightly to focus on cracking one of the hardest safes to crack. Donald Sutherland’s character is an elder statesman of the safe cracking underworld, however when he is killed and betrayed by a former associate, the team plot together to take revenge by stealing back their booting. Using a cunning ensemble of explosives and high-tech gadgets to make their way off with the safe containing over US$35m in gold, the getaway isn’t as easy as they might have previously thought.

Ocean’s Eleven


Ocean’s Eleven is another Hollywood classic movie that has been turned into a remake – to much applause. Whilst the original starred ‘The Rat Pack’, consisting of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin and a host of other luminaries from that era, the 2001 remake features a number of high profile Hollywood stars, and the chemistry between them is undeniable. Centring on the lifestyles of a cool pack of professional thieves led by Danny Ocean – played by Frank Sinatra and George Clooney respectively – the films incorporate elements of comedy, but the thrills are there to. These are certainly films you don’t want to miss.

The emphasis on the gambling scene, the club scene and Las Vegas on a whole is what makes Ocean’s Eleven a standout movie. Whilst the original Ocean’s is a standout classis title, the 2001 remake has been seen as a defining moment for many of the cast members. Breaking into these three Las Vegas safes using just about every method in the book, not everything goes strictly to plan – escalating the tension and the drama of the thieves at work.

The Score


Another heist film that centres on a job on a Montreal museum, The Score has a terrific cast with three of the most talented actors of the last 50 years going toe to toe. Robert De Niro stars as a veteran expert safe-cracker that is convinced by an old friend (Marlon Brando, if you don’t mind) to do one more job before going into retirement. He butts heads with Edward Norton’s character, a young, confident criminal that will do anything to get the job done. Norton steals the show with an excellent performance, though the chemistry between De Niro and Brandon is great to watch also.

With classic movies such as Ocean’s Eleven creating a whole new genre of films in its wake, the modern heist movie with the archetypal safe cracking scene has continued to intrigue and entertain movie goers the world over. With the high level of tension, drama and sophistication needed to crack the world’s hardest safes, it is little wonder why so many people clamour to watch the tension unfold on the big screen.

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