How to Make Your Home or Business More Secure

02 Aug

While Melbourne has a relatively low crime rate compared to some other cities around the world, making sure your house is secure is a top priority for any home owner. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to thwart potential intruders and keep your home or business secure.

Security Check


If you can gain access to your home without a key, so can a burglar. The first thing you will need to do is perform a full home security check, to test the integrity of all of your external doors and windows and to make sure that any sheds, outhouses and garages do not circumvent any security measures you already have in place. A full inspection will require you to lock and close every entrance to your house, and to test the integrity of the latches and shutters that your doors and windows may utilise.

Having the inspection done by a locksmith Melbourne-based and locally available to you is ideal, as you will be given a list of possible weaknesses and the option to upgrade your security measures.

Replacing Old Windows

Many older homes aren’t constructed with security in mind, and by making a few changes to your security measures; you can thwart any would-be burglar or intruder of gaining access. Some dated window systems that have hooks and latches can be the weakest link in a home, and you should consider replacing these if need be. The addition of locks on your windows may provide that extra strength that your home needs to be fully secured.

Structural Solutions

There are a number of relatively low cost measures you should consider to help keep your home secure at all times. Large locking gates can provide security for a particular entrance, and dissuade potential thieves or intruders from attempting a difficult job.

The addition of security fencing that can snag or attach itself to a potential intruder also sends a burglar the message that this home is protected. Changing your side paths and driveway to a gravel surface will also create an audible security warning that many intruders will avoid for fear of being caught.

More Costly Measures

Whilst many people think to a home alarm when it comes to security of your property, the systems available can vary dramatically in price, and often become redundant or forgotten over time. If your budget permits, security cameras can also placed around the premises and these can be highly necessary in a commercial setting. CCTV systems provide a great deterrent in terms of visible security. Images and video can be recorded onto hard drive based recording devices which can store thousands of hours of footage without the need for tapes or discs.

So no matter your budget, there are security measures that you can implement around your home to give you peace of mind and allow your home to be avoided by burglars or intruders. With the help of professional services employed by calling a master locksmith Melbourne based services allow you to have your home inspected for security. By testing the integrity of your doors, windows, garages and sheds, choosing the right level of security for your property will give you peace of mind.

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