How Not to Secure Your Vehicle

Most people have a fairly decent idea of how a lock works. Whether you’re securing your bike on the side of the road or locking your front door, it’s generally pretty obvious what you need to do to keep intruder off or out of your property. Well you’d be surprised what we’ve seen over the years – people frequently manage to lock themselves inside/outside their houses, sheds and cars and it’s up to us to come to the rescue. While it seems like something that could be easily avoided, having a lock related mishap is something that just happens from time to time, and you can usually laugh it off later but at the time it can be extremely frustrating.

In celebration of some of the blunders we all make as one point or another, we thought we’d share some of the more interesting locking efforts we could find. Enjoy!

Not sure what the owner of this bike was thinking; for all his hard work tying it up to this pole, any potential thief can simply slip it over the top. Plus, his ‘lock’ looks like it could quite easily be cut through anyway!

he irony of this image is what has got it onto our list. A locksmith that uses a metal bar to secure his van wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence in any would-be customers.

We’re not sure what is more humourous about this image; that someone thought tying a rope around a tree and connecting it to his car would protect it, or that the owner thought anyone would want to make off with it in the first place.

This one quite honestly leaves us speechless. In the images above, there was some attempt at actually attaching or fastening if you will the car or bike to something. However, this bloke hasn’t even managed that; he’s simply put a lock on a pole and leaned his bike against it. Brilliant.

So there you have it; some locking mishaps that brought a smile to our faces and hopefully yours too! For all your locksmith needs, contact our office in Armadale today.

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Our Favourite Safe Cracking Films

Nothing beats the tension and drama of an entertaining bank heist movie – they’re thrilling, they’re intense and they involve locks, which we’re crazy about how at Armadale Locksmiths. These master thieves shown in the movies seem to be able to pick any lock and crack any safe with ease. Everyone knows that in the real world safes are not that easy to crack, so with a little entertaining artistic license, let’s run down some of the most memorable heist and tension-filled safe cracking films.

The Italian Job

the italian job

One of the all-time classic heist movies has to be the original The Italian Job. This Michael Caine classic has some of the most memorable moments in all of cinema, from the river boat chase amongst the Venetian gondoliers, to the memorable race across the city in the three iconic Minis. The fact that Caine’s character has to break into prison to ask the permission of the London gangster boss – played by Noel Coward – is an effort in itself, but retrieving the gold bullion from the vans on the streets of Italy during a World Cup is enough plot intrigue to keep your attention throughout the entire movie.

The 2003 remake of The Italian Job changes the plot slightly to focus on cracking one of the hardest safes to crack. Donald Sutherland’s character is an elder statesman of the safe cracking underworld, however when he is killed and betrayed by a former associate, the team plot together to take revenge by stealing back their booting. Using a cunning ensemble of explosives and high-tech gadgets to make their way off with the safe containing over US$35m in gold, the getaway isn’t as easy as they might have previously thought.

Ocean’s Eleven


Ocean’s Eleven is another Hollywood classic movie that has been turned into a remake – to much applause. Whilst the original starred ‘The Rat Pack’, consisting of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin and a host of other luminaries from that era, the 2001 remake features a number of high profile Hollywood stars, and the chemistry between them is undeniable. Centring on the lifestyles of a cool pack of professional thieves led by Danny Ocean – played by Frank Sinatra and George Clooney respectively – the films incorporate elements of comedy, but the thrills are there to. These are certainly films you don’t want to miss.

The emphasis on the gambling scene, the club scene and Las Vegas on a whole is what makes Ocean’s Eleven a standout movie. Whilst the original Ocean’s is a standout classis title, the 2001 remake has been seen as a defining moment for many of the cast members. Breaking into these three Las Vegas safes using just about every method in the book, not everything goes strictly to plan – escalating the tension and the drama of the thieves at work.

The Score


Another heist film that centres on a job on a Montreal museum, The Score has a terrific cast with three of the most talented actors of the last 50 years going toe to toe. Robert De Niro stars as a veteran expert safe-cracker that is convinced by an old friend (Marlon Brando, if you don’t mind) to do one more job before going into retirement. He butts heads with Edward Norton’s character, a young, confident criminal that will do anything to get the job done. Norton steals the show with an excellent performance, though the chemistry between De Niro and Brandon is great to watch also.

With classic movies such as Ocean’s Eleven creating a whole new genre of films in its wake, the modern heist movie with the archetypal safe cracking scene has continued to intrigue and entertain movie goers the world over. With the high level of tension, drama and sophistication needed to crack the world’s hardest safes, it is little wonder why so many people clamour to watch the tension unfold on the big screen.

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How to Make Your Home or Business More Secure

While Melbourne has a relatively low crime rate compared to some other cities around the world, making sure your house is secure is a top priority for any home owner. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to thwart potential intruders and keep your home or business secure.

Security Check


If you can gain access to your home without a key, so can a burglar. The first thing you will need to do is perform a full home security check, to test the integrity of all of your external doors and windows and to make sure that any sheds, outhouses and garages do not circumvent any security measures you already have in place. A full inspection will require you to lock and close every entrance to your house, and to test the integrity of the latches and shutters that your doors and windows may utilise.

Having the inspection done by a locksmith Melbourne-based and locally available to you is ideal, as you will be given a list of possible weaknesses and the option to upgrade your security measures.

Replacing Old Windows

Many older homes aren’t constructed with security in mind, and by making a few changes to your security measures; you can thwart any would-be burglar or intruder of gaining access. Some dated window systems that have hooks and latches can be the weakest link in a home, and you should consider replacing these if need be. The addition of locks on your windows may provide that extra strength that your home needs to be fully secured.

Structural Solutions

There are a number of relatively low cost measures you should consider to help keep your home secure at all times. Large locking gates can provide security for a particular entrance, and dissuade potential thieves or intruders from attempting a difficult job.

The addition of security fencing that can snag or attach itself to a potential intruder also sends a burglar the message that this home is protected. Changing your side paths and driveway to a gravel surface will also create an audible security warning that many intruders will avoid for fear of being caught.

More Costly Measures

Whilst many people think to a home alarm when it comes to security of your property, the systems available can vary dramatically in price, and often become redundant or forgotten over time. If your budget permits, security cameras can also placed around the premises and these can be highly necessary in a commercial setting. CCTV systems provide a great deterrent in terms of visible security. Images and video can be recorded onto hard drive based recording devices which can store thousands of hours of footage without the need for tapes or discs.

So no matter your budget, there are security measures that you can implement around your home to give you peace of mind and allow your home to be avoided by burglars or intruders. With the help of professional services employed by calling a master locksmith Melbourne based services allow you to have your home inspected for security. By testing the integrity of your doors, windows, garages and sheds, choosing the right level of security for your property will give you peace of mind.

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Locksmith Professionals

Have you been locked out of your own home? Lost your car keys and need to get to work? We’ve all been there and it isn’t ideal. But with the help of a professional locksmith, you can be back inside or on your way in no time. But this isn’t always ideal, and if you are prone to locking yourself out, it might be a good idea to find quality key cutting services and grab a spare!

Ever wondered how a locksmith does what he or she does? Professional locksmiths provide a specialised service; essentially we break into your home and cars while doing no damage. Keep in mind that they’re specifically designed not to be broken into, so this is a delicate task that requires specific skills. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the tactics used by professionals.

Picking Lockslocksmith melbourne

A good locksmith will arrive at a scene with all of the necessary tools for the specific task at hand. Whether they’re opening a car door with the keys locked inside, retrieving a replacement key from a broken lock, replace a lock system or even picking a lock with a broken key in it, every situation requires a specific tool and a specific way of accomplishing the final goal of opening that lock.

Lock picking tools such as the pick gun or the automatic picker are useful for simpler locks, and provide a quick way of unlocking lock without doing any damage to the lock itself. These can be both manual and powered devices that work by using a vibrating pin that bounces the pins in the tumbler of the lock, which gives space along the sheer line so that the plug can be rotated.

While they can be extremely useful in many instances, automatic pick guns aren’t always the best tool for the job, especially when it comes to double sided locks and doors that have skeleton locks. In these instances, the locksmith will return to the tried and trusted method of picking the lock manually by hand, and with the help of the other specialist tools in the box.

Key Cutting Services

If you’re one of those people that continually locks themselves out of the house, it might be time to find key cutting services. Lock picking is an intricate skill, but crafting a key for an older lock is also a very involved process.

When you’re locked out, it’s wise to avoid breaking in yourself; chances are you’ll do more damage than you realise. Damaging a door or lock can cost a great deal in terms of repair costs, and you’re better off simply calling in a professional.



Quality locksmith services in Melbourne CBD

We all know the feeling of finding yourself locked outside your very own house and with no way to get inside. Though it’s a very unpleasant situation, the sad truth is that it happens to everyone at some point. You don’t want to have to break into your own house and potentially do damage to your home. Luckily, there are hundreds of professional locksmiths available in Melbourne that can solve these problems in no time without charging a huge fortune.


Melbourne is popular for its diverse population and multiculturalism, and being a big city, it is home to people from many backgrounds that are experts in their specific field. Melbourne locksmiths are no exception. Fast and great value services are two of the well-known qualities which have put the Melbourne locksmiths ahead of others. Obviously, prompt service is very important when you have either lost your keys or locked yourself outside the house. Local locksmiths that are fast-working and arrive at your house as quickly as possible have become a reliable help to thousands of people.


In addition to speedy service, there are also a number of other factors that you must consider before you select a locksmith. It is absolutely true that when you are in need of a locksmith, you don’t want to be waiting around too long and wasting too much time. And because you are trusting your locksmith with your house and its security, you don’t want to choose a locksmith that is unethical or dishonest. One factor that you should first consider while selecting a locksmith is to make sure the service provider is well reputed and has some sort of registration. If you randomly hire someone to fix your lock, there’s the possibility that they might make a copy of the key and break into the house. Though it is very rare, you’d rather be safe than sorry. In addition to reliability, you should find out about their price as well. It is true that quality services never come cheap. However, they should be reasonable and competitive as well.


Also, you should also look for referrals whenever you’re hiring a service provider for any issues related to your home’s security. Hence, you should carefully go through the customer feedback of a potential locksmith if possible. Most professional locksmiths would happily give you their credentials and referrals so that you can be assured, or you might find them online. In addition to that, you might also ask your friends and relatives who might also recommend you a few reliable and professional locksmiths.

There are many ways you can find a reliable locksmith. You can look for them on the internet or even in the local classified ads. Just simply do a search for ‘locksmiths Melbourne CBD’ on the net and you will find hundreds of locksmith websites who are ready to help you and satisfy your needs. Follow these simple basic tips and get the best locksmith for you.


Making Duplicate Keys – Why and How?

Why Make Duplicate Keys?

There are many reasons why you should have your house keys or car keys duplicated. For one reason, if you should lose your original keys, you can have a spare key to open your house or car and help you out of a situation which would have been more hectic, there are several other good reasons. For example if you are in a a shopping mall parking area and you have lost your keys or locked your keys inside your car, even worse, if you are adventurous like me, you for a long drive away from the city and parked somewhere on the highway far from locality and suddenly you lose your keys.

  • Have your keys copied and give them to your close friends or relative:

    you should always have a set of keys with your close friend or relative who you trust. Someone who really cares about you and someone who can bring keys to you in case of an emergency such as if you lock your car keys  or lock yourself out of the house. It happens to the best of us and don’t think you are stupid if you did it. So as a measure of precaution, keep a set of your house key or home keys with someone close like your parents or siblings.

  • Have your car keys copied and keep one in your wallet or under your car:

    It is also a good idea to keep an extra key in your wallet. I have seen many people do this and I started doing this myself. This helps you to get your car door open in case you lock your car door and forget to take your keys out. Sometimes you will take your keys off the ignition but keep it on your seat or something then you will have hard time finding it. I myself keep my car key inside my wallet because of this.

  • Duplicate a set of duplicate keys should be with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend:

    Your significant other whether living with you or not, should also have a set of keys with them. There are good reasons for that as you may already figure out. Your spruce or girlfriend/boyfriend should have the same access facility to your car or house as you do.

  • A set of keys for your House Cleaners:

    If you have a regular house cleaner or someone who does maintenance for you who you rely on and trust,  you could easily keep a set of spare house keys and car keys made and kept at their disposal. This way they have access to your house for cleaning purposes and also for emergencies. But make sure you trust them 100% and can count on them on emergency situations.

Where to Go For a Perfect Key Duplication:

Any locksmith can make duplicate keys for you. If you in Melbourne CBD, there are few locksmiths that provide 24 hours emergency mobile services. One such locksmith is KZ Locksmiths in Armadale. They have been serving the Melbourne area and surrounding suburbs for a long time and they have been well renounced as being one of the most efficient locksmiths in Melbourne.  My personal experience was that at emergencies in the middle of the night, I had locked my car keys inside my car and I had called a dozen locksmiths until Kerry answered my call. Lucky for me I still remember the phone number 0403 110 047. or visit to find out more.

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Looking for a Locksmith in Melbourne? Here are 3 sure ways to find one!

Most individuals have the telephone numbers of their family doctor, financial adviser, electrician, plumber and even their laundry guy; but they do not have the contact details of a locksmith. It only dawns on them when they run into a situation that requires the services of a locksmith that they have no idea how to find one. A locksmith is normally required in a hurry and being able to find one can remove minimize the stress in potentially taxing situations. For example, you will need a lock smith to successfully change locks, set up your safe in a way that you won’t be risking breach of security and you will need a locksmith to put together an entry and exit system in your business premises and home.

24/7 Melbourne Locksmith

Now, some people may want to assume the locksmith role themselves when faced with a situation that calls for a locksmith. Many have tried and many have failed. It often turns out to be a bad idea as you will find yourself running into much more trouble and then wishing that you had employed the services of an expert in the first place. You can even do damage that ends up costing you double what the original fee would have been. If you are looking for Locksmith in Melbourne, here are three ways to quickly find a good one:

Talk to friends and colleagues

When looking for anything, the first place you turn to is to your friends, colleagues and relatives. With a locksmith it shouldn’t be any different. There should be one of them who have been in a scenario that required the services of a locksmith so they would be able to direct you to where to get the one they used. You will not have any reason to be worried about the efficacy of the recommended service as the locksmith must have done a good job to land the recommendation. You can talk to two or three of your relatives and from the responses, pick one that appeals to you most. Things that should influence your decision are: proximity to your home/office cost of service etc.

Ask members of your business clubs

This will be a good place to ask if you need the locksmith specifically for your business; or if you need to carry out large scale projects. At your business club there will be one who has employed the services of a locksmith and he or she should be able to give you the contact of the locksmith, as well as opinion on the abilities of the locksmith in question. At the end of your discussions pick a few and contact them to see which one is going to work best for you.

Get online

When searching for anything, one should just about always employ an online search. When you are looking for a Locksmith in Melbourne one should get online. There are so many locksmiths online. A quick search on Google, or any other search engine, will throw up a fair few of them for you to select from. Get to the website, look around and if you are convinced contact them. You can also read reviews and testimonials so as to get a feel of what others think about the service. This is in fact the easiest way you can get a good locksmith without having to ask around too much!


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